COVID-19 Pandemic Update

During the COVID-19 pandemic we will not be meeting with clients face to face. We are happy to do reviews by phone or web conference. We are here for you if you have questions about your portfolios.

Personal Income Tax Preparation

We have launched our personal income tax preparation service, exclusively for clients of Starview Financial Advisors. Professionally prepared tax returns at preferential rates! We can also help with downloading your investment tax slips or confirming the investment...

TFSA contribution for 2020 is $6000

$6000 can be added to Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSA) for 2020. If you were born in 1991 or earlier you can have up to $69,500 of contribution room. Always verify your contribution room before adding additional amounts to be sure you’re not over-contributing.

Barry Sinclair is Retiring

Barry Sinclair will be retiring at the end 2019. We wish Barry all the best in retirement and we'll miss having him as part of the Starview Team!

TFSA contribution for 2019 is $6000

Good news the TFSA contribution room got an inflation bump from $5500 to $6000 for 2019. You may also have unused contribution room from previous years. Contact us to see how a TFSA fits in your financial plan.

RRSP Deadline is March 1st 2019

March 1, 2019 is the last day to contribute to an RRSP and receive a deduction for your 2018 taxes. Contact us to discuss how to get an RRSP working for you.

Not all RESPs are created equal….

Not all RESPs are created equal. Avoid the scholarship plans. RESPs are a great program when the right structure/provider is chosen. Toronto Star: They thought they were saving for their kids educaiton

Rate special: 2.0% on cash deposits!

Just in… a rate special on new cash deposits offering 2.0% until to October 31, 2018. For deposits over $100,000 the rate is 1.90%. Ask us for details! Rate is based on the posted rate (subject to change) + 0.65%. Interest rates are quoted per annum as of May 14, 2018...