Not all RESPs are created equal….

Not all RESPs are created equal. Avoid the scholarship plans. RESPs are a great program when the right structure/provider is chosen. Toronto Star: They thought they were saving for their kids educaiton

Rate special: 2.0% on cash deposits!

Just in… a rate special on new cash deposits offering 2.0% until to October 31, 2018. For deposits over $100,000 the rate is 1.90%. Ask us for details! Rate is based on the posted rate (subject to change) + 0.65%. Interest rates are quoted per annum as of May 14, 2018...

Winter 2018 Newsletter

Click here to view our winter 2018 newsletter which includes a 2017 market review. Some important notes: March 1st is the RRSP Deadline $5500 can be added to TFSAs for 2018 For timely news, notes and articles – Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. If...

The 2018 TFSA contribution amount is $5500

The 2018 TFSA contribution amount is $5500. Remember unused TFSA contribution room carries forward and Canadians who haven’t started a TFSA may have up to $57,500 of contribution room.